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March Madness: NOMINATE!
Hi Kpop Community!
Since our Vingle Kpop Awards were so much fun this year, the Kpop Community Staff wanted to hold another Kpop event. This time, though, there is only one category: Best Bias.
We need your help to make this the most epic battle ever - what groups will go head to head?!
Please leave your nominations for what groups will participate (not just your bias's name, the entire group!) so we can start the battle this March!
We will pick 7 boy groups and 7 girl groups so submit both if you'd like (we will also have a solo artist category!)

Voting ends February 27 so get voting!

If you have any questions you can leave them below as well or reach out to any of the Kpop Staff (Me, @aabxo, @jiggsy19, @MattK95, and @honeysoo!)
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@jiggzy19 Okay okay, if I had to pick TWO GROUPS (one boy, one girl), I would pick Big Bang and ... oh god.. um... ummm... UMMMM... Sistar.
3 years ago·Reply
(And since everyone added like 6, if I can add a vote for GOT7, that would be my next choice. )
3 years ago·Reply
BTS and Apink
3 years ago·Reply
Infinite and Girl's Day
3 years ago·Reply
Bigbang and 2NE1 (;<
3 years ago·Reply