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While it's kinda sad that cosplay is depicted negatively in this (and let's face it, really, really poorly done cosplays!), it's still kinda funny. Anyone into something as a hobby (even if it's not cosplay) can let it get out of hand and then this happens. And nobody wants this to happen! So don't CosPlay with my heart :P
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@vulpix You're so right!!! Lol i love it!!
3 years ago·Reply
I think she's just a psycho, regardless of cosplayer status....
3 years ago·Reply
@amog32 Yeah that might be it
3 years ago·Reply
@somnia sweet!! @amog32 yeppppp well....they can't all be winners?
3 years ago·Reply
Yeah even if she's willing to be Slave Leia she's freaky and should be ran away from ASAP!!
3 years ago·Reply