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Sleek French Tip Trick
It's been a while since I last posted a card on nails! Here's a modern and sophisticated twist to the the traditional French manicure. The trick is to play with light contrasting tones such as grey and pink with an extra slim tip. If you’re not ready to freehand the tips, and aren’t really happy with the flatline you get with using tape, here’s your fix: rubber bands. See demonstration below.
Why this work better than tape?
Since they're so pliable you can easily bend to the shape of your nail and create a more natural tip line.
How to use it?
Start with a smaller rubber band and then knot it in half. Then slip one loop over the top of the nail you're painting and the other over your thumb to help anchor the rubber band. Then start painting.
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I love this pink/grey combo. I feel like most of my outfits are pink/grey.
3 years ago·Reply
Too broke to get that salon manicure this weekend, so I'm def trying this one at home.
3 years ago·Reply
@beywatch That's what I do on my free time. I only visit the nail shop when I'm with my girlfriends.
3 years ago·Reply
OMG I love this In going to try it Thanks!
3 years ago·Reply
I will need a few weeks and
2 years ago·Reply