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Wow. This is the dark side of Kpop that I never like to see. The pressure and loneliness that effects so many young idols or people dreaming to be idols. May Sojin rest in peace.
Sojin was found dead in the garden at an apartment complex. The police are currently looking into the case as a suicide, suspecting that she may have jumped off the 10th floor of the apartment.
DSP Media told the media, "We suddenly heard of this unfortunate news today. It is so unfortunate. We will do everything we can to help her family."
Original Korean Source: Here
Sojin has been a DSP trainee for 5 years and has dreamed of being a performer since she was a little girl.
Sojin was introduced as part of the Kara Project, a reality competition show where seven trainees competed for the chance to become a new member of KARA. While she didn't join Kara, she was set to join a new DSP group in the near future. After the completion of the show, she had returned back home to Daegu and had been spending her time there.
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Wow, that's sooo sad, R.I.P Sojin :(
That's awful... Hope she rests in peace
This is really so sad.
very sad indeed...RIP
the pressure they must feel ...even after making it as well 😭