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Despite all of these guys still only being in their mid-twenties, the Los Angeles-based band Dawes has already been around for nearly a decade. Previously known as Simon Dawes, the band released the 2006 album 'Carnivore' and toured with a number of popular indie outfits, including Eisley, Band of Horses, and Wolfmother. Three years later, guitarist Blake Mills left the band to pursue a solo career, and the newly named 'Dawes' moved forward with a much more mellow folk-rock sound.
Taylor Goldsmith, the lead vocals/guitarist, is a precocious songwriting talent, often reflecting on love lost, grappling with his own mortality, and, more cynically, his upbringing in what he considers the 'emotionally void' city of Malibu, California. To me, the storytelling quality of these songs are incredibly reminiscent of the songwriting style of Paul Simon, and I think that you could easily hear it too in Dawes' 2013 single, "From a Window Seat", posted below.
One day I WILL go to Bonnaroo. Just...not this year :( I followed this collection SO FAST cause I have a feeling I'll be missing most of the sumer fests this year (booo!)
@caricakes Me too. :( I have only been to Coachella once with friends a few years ago, but I love new music so I thought this would be a fun collection to share.
@galinda I love Eisley too. Sherri Dupree and Max Bemis are the cutest couple of all time.
I really like Eisley so I'm surprised I hadn't heard of these guys before. The lyrics are really direct, very storyteller-like!