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Prynt Instant Photos on your iPhone
If you are feeling a bit creative, you can velcro an LG Zink printer to your iPhone and get the same effect, but then again, you won't have that augmented reality video on how you came about that moment....after watching Fifty Shades of Grey.
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@dillonk WIFI is the best way, though it has a hardwired connector for the shutter release on the printer casing...they could find a way around WIFI and use the connector instead to deliver the image data to the printer. WIFI will be the preferred method for uploading those 10 sec vids. The prints are generally better than the Instax Mini analogue prints.
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@Benard A little disappointing that it is a hardwire connector, but cool nonetheless. It's great to hear that the quality is pretty decent considering it's size! Now the real question, how do you refill the ink cartridges! Hopefully refills aren't only sold through the company that makes the printer. It might cost a small fortune!
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@dillonk The Zink printer doesn't use ink, it's a thermal printer. Cost is pretty low for a print out, cheaper than the Fuji Instax Mini photos by far. I have a Zink printer and been toying around with it but am too lazy to review it. The tech isn't new, been around for the last five years.
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where could I find one because this is pretty neat!
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@blackkitty, it is a kickstarter project that just concluded. But if you can't wait, you can always superglue this to your iPhone http://www.lg.com/ae/HEProductExperiencePage/portable/main
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