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MoveHub put together some maps showing data from 200 countries about how many study abroad students go out, and from 120 countries of how many international students are incoming.
Here's how to read the maps: The main color shows the country's ranking based on the number of outbound international students. The color in the circle shows the country's ranking based on the number of inbound international students. Are you a part of any of these stats?
To see countries not listed, visit this page and scroll to the bottom!
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I'd love to see this data presented in terms of top 10, etc. but based on the % of students that go abroad of all students in a country and the % of all students that are foreign in a country. Of course, smaller countries with smaller populations will be lower on this list unless we do so.
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@greggr I didn't even consider that but I can't figure out if they took that into account or not? Interesting point, though. I honestly found the charts cool but a bit hard to read; I preferred the data table.
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I don't know world populations well enough either to just adjust the data in my head @amog32 @greggr
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