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When we think of celebrity fashion, most of us tend to think that everything a stylish celebrity wears is probably made by a really expensive European designer. However, Taylor Swift is incredibly good at mixing and matching both high-end and more affordable pieces to create some pretty memorable looks.
Yesterday, Taylor made an appearance in London at the BBC1 Studios in a fabulously thick and textured winter coat. (I love the thick weave pattern moving through the fabric. It not only makes it look really high fashion, but also, really really warm!)
You can find the same exact jacket on British retailer ASOS' official online store. It is currently marked for $175, but if you buy it within the next few days (with the coupon code '30FREE'), ASOS will take off $30 dollars -- making it a steal at $145!
Continue here to find out more about Taylor's textured winter coat, and follow my collection 'Taylor Swift's Look for Under $200' for more budget-friendly fashions inspired by the street style of T-Swizzle herself!
ASOS. The day I discovered that website was the darkest day in my bank account's history. Their sales are amazing!
@ChristinaBryce I just want her lipstick collection tbh.
I wish I could just have all of her I can get closer thanks to you!!! :D
@stargaze The site is called UniDays. I think it works for Urban Outfitters and a few other sites too.
@beywatch That's good to know! I have a younger sister that's still in college. I guess I'll call her more often. ;)
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