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You're about to see two of the biggest wedding nightmares unfold before you in one video for the same occasion.
Disaster 1
Accident or not, the bride and the officiant landed in the pool!
Disaster 2
No accident at all, and probably the worst offense: the groom refused to jump in after the bride. Doesn't matter if she needed rescuing or not. He needed to jump in and get wet too.
Would have been awesome to just finish the ceremony right there in the deep end.
This cannot be real. Is this real? I'd just DIE!
hahaha this is face. but if it was real it would be just awful. Not sure I'd recover from such an experience. The humiliation. Just awful.
My heart goes out to the best man. The guilt. The shame. The embarrassment.
WTF?! I have a collection called What Went Wrong, but it's more or less about correctable issues. This video is proof that ANYTHING can happen. ANYTHING! OMG!
I figured this video would add some cringe and maybe some laughs in the weddings community. Just to spice things up. :D