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Another day gone by, Time endlessly flow like a river entering a delta, never stopping for anyone or anything, As yesterday went by, I was imagining something, Something so beautiful that my heart rushes each time I thought about it, the idea of you coming to my bed and laying down right beside me, in the dark with the street light slipping through the blinds, I'm looking at you and you're looking at me, You look happy and relaxed, like the world never matter anymore, You rub up my right shoulder and rub down my right arm while I pull you in closer for a kiss, Our legs intertwined to lock us together and to make us feel secure, feeling the soft skin from your legs and hands putting me at ease as I've been slaving over school and activities all day long, I'm in a Zen state of mind like I've escaped reality and created my own world where there is just you and me, we eventually drift off to sleep with both of us holding one another because we didnt want to let go, but I've came back to reality and realize that it's possible, I just want to make it happen
@Rich14 I agree with @beywatch! This flow would transition well to spoken word.
You should! Your poetry writing style would go really well with it.
thanks @Greggr! I feel like that I'm making progress thanks @beywatch! I've thought about actually performing some live poetry I feel you @onesmile! it's been a minute since I felt this way
Reminds me of everyone one of my daydreams about my've reminded me I've gotta make it happen!!
This would make a fine piece of spoken word poetry. You should record it!
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