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I have about a month before I go on Spring break! I'm starting to compile a list of projects to do during that week. Be sure to follow my collection for fun activities that'll keep you busy during Spring Break!
Let's start with a DIY floral pocket shorts. It only take 3 steps to get update your own boring shorts to trendy Spring denims.


Shorts, fabric, needle, thread, scissors, tracing paper, and pencil.

Step 1: Trace

Use tracing paper to make a template of the pocket.

Step 2: Trim

Place template on the fabric and trim it out.

Step 3: Sew

Sew the fabric on the shorts! I find it easier to secure the fabric with pins before sewing. This way the fabric won't wiggle when you sew.
I can't wait to try this and wear it with my oversized jersey shirt!
I did something similar last summer! I used lace instead of floral fabric.
@stargaze Love the lace idea! @ChelseaHeyes A dolman shirt would also look great with these shorts!
Yaaassss. I have a pair of distressed Levi's this would look so adorable on.
What a creative way to repurpose old hot pants!
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