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After Peter Jackson debuted 10 minutes of The Hobbit an Unexpected Jounrney, the reviews have been brutal. The movie is film in 3D and using new 48fps (frames per second) technology, which is twice the standard frame rate that has been used to make movies since the 1930s. "The Hobbit" will be the first major studio film to be shot using 48fps. Apparently, the viewers hated it. It seems to make the cinematography look like a soap opera. The new style is supposed to correct the problems from shooting in 3D. Do you think this new technology will enhance or hurt the Hobbit when it is released in December?
i think cause they are trying to milk the last drop of that series there is nothing more after the hobbit so they need to make sure it hits
@avin, no clue. wasn't it supposed to come out last year. It probably won't come out until next year because of this glitch with viewers
why do they keep pushing the date back?
oh no!! I have been looking forward to this since I was a kid.
He likes to release his stuff around the holidays. Smart man