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Dangerous Hike: Aonach Eagach, Scotland
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While the Aonach Eagach (Ridge) might not be the hardest hike in terms of skill level, it is still dangerous--and partly for that reason!
Advertised as a "walk" for many, this 4-mile ridge is known for being the narrowest ridge in the UK. There are numerous sections which are extremely exposed which involves as much climbing as walking! And, once you get onto the ridge, there are no shortcuts down.
The ridge isn't for the faint hearted and it can definitely be dangerous. However, if you have a head for heights and a certain amount of confidence that means you can withstand the exposure then you have nothing to fear from the ridge traverse! The biggest issue is getting stuck behind people slower than you.

The biggest thing you need to make sure you plan is how you'll get down off the ridge--there are a few ways once you reach either the east or west end depending on which direction you travel in.
In summer you need all the usual stuff; good boots, waterproofs, food, water and insect repellant! Good luck and enjoy!

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