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Indisdad78 longboarding our warmup hill. On this hill there is low traffic and you get to go about 30mph. It is a nice ride. Took this picture the first time we went. Time to go faster
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Get a tsg @indisdad78 preds have less padding and tsgs are more comfy
No helmet no respect
Hahahaha! Get the popcorn out! @ktm2014
don't get it wrong. ..I don't work at SorD. I'm just here spending all the money I get from your mom while your dad is at work cleaning outhouses. I WAS into engineering when I was young. .. now I own my own successful company. A non profit that supports single parents. maybe you can talk shit about that:) I'll send you a Jr small shirt with my company logo; )
Andrew, you are more than welcome to bring all 76lbs of yourself to me and call me an idiot to my face whenever you feel big enough. until then, no need to be like the pigs and politicians keeping me safe from myself. I believe in helmet use. ..I didn't want to wear a full face on a simple small hill because I wanted to catch a photo. If I felt I were in ANY danger I'd have a helmet on.
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