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faster faster!
Indisdad78 longboarding our warmup hill. On this hill there is low traffic and you get to go about 30mph. It is a nice ride. Took this picture the first time we went. Time to go faster
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@JaydenWashabaug actually, since before this photo, I've been saving for a carbon fiber, full face helmet. ..... any suggestions? I'm having trouble choosing between TSG and Predator.
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Oh okay haha I'm just saying haha not sure how most helmets fit cause I've only ever had my t8 racer and a dh mtb helmet I customized... All I know is don't get a t8 racer if you have a bigger head haha
3 years ago·Reply
The Carbon tsg looks sick tho @indisdad78
3 years ago·Reply
@JaydenWashabaug I'm starting to realize that it's all coming down to aesthetics. The TSG must be solid though because I see a lot of riders wearing them in various videos.
3 years ago·Reply
Get a tsg @indisdad78 preds have less padding and tsgs are more comfy
3 years ago·Reply