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After escaping from the person who was trying to find her, Rainie goes for a nice dinner with Show. I have to say the picture where both of them are hiding in the alleyway is really cute!!! They have a nice dinner together, and they start talking. Rainie (R): I hate people who lie to me. You lied to me. Show (S): Miss, everything you have said to me so far has been a lie. I am a photographer, I look at people's eyes. I know when you are lying. Rainie doesnt believe him and starts to test him with a series of statements. R: I am 26 yrs old S: FALSE. R: I am an orphan S: FALSE. R: My family is v poor S: FALSE R: I have a tattoo. S: True. on ur waist. R: How did you know that???? S: oh... i saw it that day when you erm dropped ur towel in front of me. R: i have alot of friends S: FALSE. R: I am actually v lonely S: True. Rainie is drunk alrdy, think she must have been drinking to forget her sorrows, she drags Show to the dancefloor but she cant really dance... Show ends up holding her in his arms. And Rainie looks at him... and kisses him on the cheek..... <How can the 2 of them not be lovers in real life???> Rainie stumbles away from Show and walks away, she's suddenly aware of how close they are and I think is a bit nervous... she walks out to the beautiful bridge by the harbour. Show asks her: You're not drunk anymore? Rainie keeps silent S: So you dont remember what happened? Rainie turns away from him and walks away... Show chases after her and he taps her on the shoulder. Rainie turns around and... THEY KISSSSSSSSSSSSSS. ... for very long.... AHHHH I WANT EPISODE 4 NOW!!! If you like this recap pls let me know! Leave comments or likes or follow me, wld love to know that someone is out there reading this <sad face> I'm waiting for the youtube video to come out, will post when it does, so stay tuned! RAINIE + SHOW FOREVERRRR! Other parts here! (1) (2) (3)
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ahhhhhh.... i like this, they finally kissed :) makes me happy