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It looks like they should've just called it a reboot from the trailers. It hits theaters on June 29th. After watching it, I decided to pick the "best" lines from the trailer (please note the sarcasm): 1. "They're all dead." 2. "There's only one man who could authorize a strike like that ... and I voted for him." 3. "What if the president isn't the president?" 4. "You're insane." 5. "We have to assume there's no one we can trust." 6. "There is one man." 7. "Call me Joe." 8. "This is it, boys. This is what we waited for." 9. "Boom." 10. "Whoever did this, will be back." 11. "We're all that's left." 12. "Let's get to work." 13. "World ain't saving itself." 14. "Something else is going on here." 15. "Get out of there, now." 16. "I ain't gonna be in neutral." Even with all of that, I'm not gonna lie. I'm still gonna go watch it. haha
That weekend is going to be a very busy weekend for movies. haha
I know it will probably be bad, but I still want to see it.
where is my channing?
Did they just get rid of all the other characters? so confused