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I've been looking through motivational speeches recently and some of thwm are really just...powerful. February 25, 2015 Write an inspirational speech motivating a group of people to move on after experiencing the devastating death of their phone battery. February 23, 2015 Write the thoughts of a child learning to play an instrument for the first time. February 21, 2015 Personify an emotion and write their actions and thoughts for a short period of time in a day. February 19, 2015 You're 90 and your older brother is turning 100. Write out his birthday plans and how you'll be making them happen.
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LOL god forbid the horrible cell phone death. "It was 5:45, and it would remain 5:45 forever in Rachel's mind. She stared numbly at her phone, words echoing over the loud speakers that surrounded her. 'Wake up!' it shouted. 'The time is now 5:47. I repeat, the time is now 5:47. Please move forward. Charging stations will eventually be available. Remember: while the phone is nothing without you, you are something without the phone." (Sorry, I just can't take this one seriously!!! hahah!!)
Haha that was great! And no, this wasn't necessarily meant to be taken seriously :D @greggr just random motivational speeches found on YouTube about never giving up and such. I found motivational speeches to be really powerful, so I was wondering if they would be just as powerful in an almost ridiculous situation :)
@chiaroscuro ahhaha cool I'm glad I found the right joking tone for it....a bit too sarcastic, maybe :
@chiaroscuro Ah, I see! Well, I'm not sure they'd be as powerful, but they'd be powerful anyways!