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Why pay so much for a commercial drink when we can easily make our own delicious drinks, packed with many nutrients and have as much as we want for the same price?! I love having a smoothie any time of the day, but one for breakfast is the best! This fruit and spinach smoothie is quick and easy to make. If you're like me and tend to skip the measuring cups, you can eyeball the quantities too! Ingredients: 1/4 cup of blueberries 1/2 cup frozen or fresh strawberries (frozen ones replace ice) 1 cup of spinach 1-2 kale leafs (without stem) 1/2 cup mango juice (I used Naked mango juice, you can use any type you have) 1-2 tsp sugar (if desired) *you may add some water to thin out your smoothie if you get a thicker consistency I know some of you might be cringing at the thought of adding spinach and kale but trust me, the juice and fruit are the strongest flavors. The green color is the only thing reminding you there is spinach and kale in your drink! Enjoy :)
Sounds great to me!
I get the mixed frozen berries from Whole foods (blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry) and use that in my smoothies. Definitely giving this a go :)
Plain fruit smoothies never really fill me up for long but when I add spinach in there I am always satisfied. This is a great meal replacement for bust mornings :)
I usually use pineapple to offset the kale/spinach taste but mango sounds like a great idea too. That little extra sweetness goes a long way!
Actually, spinach and kale didn't sound appetizing at first but I grew to love it and you can hardly taste it in the smoothie.
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