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Sooo I'm going to try a top mount this year just for a change to see how they ride so I managed to score some decent parts to build a downhill setup for the summer. Sector 9 roxanne chopped to 38" on sabre gc190's hollow lights. Decided not to use risers for now and So far it rides great! Going to play around with the bushings for a week or two then it's BOMB TIME!!
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Get something together @KTM2014 and I'll put it on my deck. I can't think of anything to put on it so if it's cool then why not :)
alright! My friend justin says he is a pretty good graphic designer, so I'll try to get with him to make the logo, and fliers for our shindig. he's just been super busy
Get him on it.once the stickers are off the board it will be naked and waiting. Don't be so meeeaan! Lol
Top mounts are my jam
I have a feeling you will love it more than drops @crazyheart