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Peggy Oki was the only female on the original Zephyr skate team. Like Jay Adams, she was not really into sponsorships and commercializations of skateboarding but was in it for passion and love of the sport. This would have to be my favorite skater of all time because of the statement she made and the example she sets for following your dreams! She went on to be an activist for whale and dolphin protection. Started the Oragami Whale Project which raises awareness and protects her love for the ocean. She also shreds the sea and has been surfing for as long as history will tell. She is a true free spirit and believes in doing what is fulfilling. Follow your dreams... We have only one chance to impact the world around us in a positive way! Who/what is your inspiration?
Victor Wooten is my inspiration... Lol not even a boarder. But i guess i can say that all you guys are my inspiration truly and honestly. You guys get me so excited and happy to skate
Yeah @mikerosa92 they are! Wish I could have been there to see It all unfold! Zephyr bred greatness in so many ways. Powell-Peralta, my fave, the Bones brigade, on top of Alva's cocky confidence!
What a legend! @BrittneySowell Have you ever watched the Dogtown and Z Boys documentary? All of them are legends
Oh you really really should. youtube his stuff. Best are "amazing grace" "isnt she lovely" "you cant hold no groove" "more love" "yesterday" and just a bunch of stuff. All about spirit and life, man the guy is just sent from above to encourage life
She is a legend and an idol
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