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These are not you everyday, run of the mill drones. They are so much cooler.
A few guys went out into the woods for some high speed drone racing. They have live feed cameras attached to their drones so they can maneuver them through trees at high speeds.
Seriously, don't those lights remind you of something? Maybe the Millennium Falcon?
I can totally see this becoming a sport in the near future. Something similar to Robot Wars where competitors build their own drones. That would be awesome!
WOW you people need to go back to living your life wrapped in bubble wrap, in you comfortable little niches of Boredomville. Step away from the computer, it might explode or you'll get carpal tunnel syndrome or something. Reckless, give me a break. Watch the movie again, pause it when you get to the poor innocent pedestrian...He's laughing his ass off, and is most likely part of the crew. There's no one else through the whole video and they're really not traveling all that fast if you take size into consideration. Try living outside the box people, you might enjoy it. Or maybe you'll just get in the way and get run over....never mind stay where you are., it's safer for me.
Now imagine when camera technology advances and we can watch these races with the Oculus Rift. OMG
Star wars, definitely, but actually... Endor Speeder Bike Chase - Return of the Jedi [1080p HD]:
Anyone know the specifically which model drones these are?
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