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These are not you everyday, run of the mill drones. They are so much cooler.
A few guys went out into the woods for some high speed drone racing. They have live feed cameras attached to their drones so they can maneuver them through trees at high speeds.
Seriously, don't those lights remind you of something? Maybe the Millennium Falcon?
I can totally see this becoming a sport in the near future. Something similar to Robot Wars where competitors build their own drones. That would be awesome!
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These drones weight are measured in grams. One might scratch at you worst. I have one, and I could fly it full speed into my face, and not be hurt. Serious injury or death? Maybe if I tried to eat one.
Fuckin Hal. Trying to suck the fun out of everything! These 3 in the video are full on geeks. I would trust their drone flying skills over anybody else's!
So, these "drones" are R/C helicopters which have been around for about 45 years. First RC Helicopter that was commercially available (1970)
Anyone know the specifically which model drones these are?