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Serious fitness time:
Jokingly, my roommate and I were talking about how we really need to go grocery shopping because if zombies suddenly attacked our city, we'd be stuck in our apartment with nothing in our fridge.
Then I thought, in a Zombie Apocalypse, am I really just going to sit in my apartment and wait for them to come get me?! Probably not. So I looked up training guides for how to get ready for a fight against the undead (because I am a mature adult) and these are the best resources I came up with:

1. Zombies, Run!

Like for all things in life, there's an app. With more than 160 unique missions and the ability to stream the zombie radio broadcasts along with your own music, this is a pretty rad way to get in some cardio and to enter the zombie-fleeing mindset.
You are Runner 5. Hundreds of lives are counting on you. You've got to help your base rebuild from the ruins of civilization by collecting critical supplies while avoiding roving zombie hordes. Can you save them and learn the truth about the zombie apocalypse?
Check the video here and get it on the app store (you can get 40+ missions for free!)

2. Join a Good Cause

There is nothing better than helping others while you're training for that zombie apocalypse. There are plenty of races started by ZombieRun that let you run away from real-live (people dressed up as) ZOMBIES!
Anyone can run. But everything changes when you’re running for your life. Test your speed, strength and endurance through miles of man-made and natural obstacles—all while being chased by hungry, merciless zombies.
If you think your heart can take it, you can sign up to run on ZombieRun's website or on ZombieEvacuation, and you can even host your own!

3. Get Serious

Lace up your boots, cause this is serious apocalypse training. We're joining a BOOT CAMP.
If you're really brave, you can even contact the Pentagon about their zombie training guide and their disaster scenario.
The brave souls of Vice took on Ontario's only zombie boot camp for your viewing pleasure. Some cities like Portland even host adult and teen camps that offer zombie survival training!
I did a zombie run in San Diego last year and it was the scariest/coolest race I have ever run in!
I'm glad other people are taking this as seriously as I do hahahahaa
BAHAHA but seriously, this is an actual concern of mine hahah
I hate when people talk about zombie things cause I actually panic!!! I need to take up kickboxing or something :/
I would get WAY too into running with that zombie app. I already run to film soundtracks and pretend I am in a movie hahahaha
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