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Only two modifications but they do a good amount. 1. Some of you may have seen it already but I cut the fingers off and now I'm waiting for the cold to go away. But seriously as long as your confident you can slide without your fingers touching the ground your good, and it makes them so much more comfortable and so nice to not get super sweaty fingers. And don't have to take off the gloves to use your phone. Don't suggest for leather though it'd be a waste of money to buy leather then cut it. Actually don't do it to any gloves other than homemade, old worn out pairs or the cheaper sector 9. 2. As most of you probably know sector 9 gloves aren't the best especially the Velcro so I ended up putting on my own latches. This is easy cause the glove are strong even if you cut holes in it. What I did was cut small holes in various places which you should be able to see, I used an old belt hole punch, then took these small latches I had, came from a lanyard, cut to size to fit around your wrist comfortably but still tight enough to not slip off, and laced the through the holes. Put on the gloves and again wrap around your wrist comfortably then you can super glue the open ends of the latch or strap together and then to the gloves and bam you got a better latch/ strap.
Cutting the fingers off will teach you real quick to not put the fingers down. Lol.
It's defo something everyone should work on is not putting your fingers down I think.
Lololol yep @RichardSchafer
Lol @IsaacPaulR @RichardSchafer yeah it will but that's why I learned before cutting the fingers off.