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Self & Others: Portrait as Autobiography

by Aline Smithson
Aline Smithson is contemporary photographer who has years and years of work under her belt. She is launching a Kickstarter campaign for her first monograph, a 20 year culmination of her portrait photography work.
Beginning with her early work in black and white, and continuing on her more recent work including her hand painted photography series.
Influenced by the Japanese concept of celebrating a singular object, Aline isolates her subject matter in a complex setting. She creates these moments that, as she says are familiar yet unexpected.
"I consider the subject and the subject considers me. For the most part, I create work close to home, using subjects that are family, friends, neighbors, and friends of friends. That familiarity with place and person allows for an intimacy and camaraderie, where my sitters trust in my desire to present them with dignity or with humor, but always in a way that celebrates who they are."
I just love that leopard background with the leopard coat. You fancy huh!
Amazing, amazing work. I see what you mean in creating this story line in her portraits. There is so little to go off of, but so much going on. She executes these in such a way that I am dying to know more about what is going on in each!