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Minoz Philippines, are you all ready?? :D I know most of us got disappointed with what had happened earlier this day, Nov 10 @ MOA, SM North and Glorietta. Let's just look forward on his visit here in our country and make him realize that IT"S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!! :) FIGHTING! :D
and you're mine haha! Love this shirt :)
Ready!! Shirt, tickets and camera! Thanks for making this ahjumma's dream come true.. <3
In what mall did you buy your shirt? OMO. I want one :(
im so so sad for only knowing the mall tour mechanics just today... i'll be in araneta but its not enough for me. i didn't expect for another set of mecanics for the fan meet wiil come up from bench as late as befor nov. 10. anyway goodluck and enjoy it. lets make it a succes so we can look forward to another one in the future.
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