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well.. i always said that there are many celebs apart from Minho and Joongki that score real high.. they're sexy and handsome..and this list is minus my fave cricketers.. so here's it gals .. my 10 hotties!!! i can't choose who's my fave because they all are!! > Hugh Jackman > Hrithik Roshan > Song Joong Ki > Hugh Grant > Lee Min Ho > Johnny Depp > John Abraham > Jang Geun Suk > Keanu Reeves > Imran Khan
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@neaa you too;)
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lol :D
5 years ago·Reply
> Lee Min Ho
5 years ago·Reply
Hugh Grant??? wow unnie, you have interesting taste :D
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hugh grant is a great actor.. a little old.. but his accent is way to sexy!
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