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I will proudly be the first person to tell you that crash diets do not work. The lemonade diets, the cabbage soup diets, the eat-8-bananas-per-day-and-nothing-else diets. They don't work and only cause your body harm in the long run. So when a good friend of mine who I trust when it comes to fitness and health advice sent me this article, I was a little taken aback. After reading through it, though, I realized that these methods really do work - these really are the quick fix to weight loss. Guaranteed you will lose 10 pounds almost instantly!
You can't deny these facts:

1. Cut off your left arm, and donate your liver.

Not only are you losing weight, but you're helping others in need! This is great!
Your liver is a little over 3 pounds while your arm is usually aroudn 5% of your total body weight. That means the average 150lb human can lose over 11 pounds if they get rid of thee two simple body parts :)

2. Get rid of your right arm, and remove your brain.

Need your liver? That's understandable, and luckily there are more 3lb body parts to get rid of instead! This time its that heavy thing in your head called a brain. Weighing in at roughly 3 pounds this plus an arm equals some serious weight loss!

3. Remove all the skin from about half of your body.

With it's multiple layers, your skin is about 16% of your body weight. 16%!!!! That can be nearly 30 pounds depending on your total body weight.

4. Remove all the skin from the other half of your body.

You can choose, do you want bare legs or bare arms?

5. Detach your head from your body.

I heard this was all the rage in Europe in the 16th century! It really takes a load off your body and will make that number on the scale drop in an instant!
But seriously ladies and gents, losing weight doesn't come from a quick-fix diet or exercising till you drop. The weight you lose from a crash diet will come right back once you start eating like a human again. The only way to turn your life around and lose those pounds is to make a lifestyle change. Eat a balanced diet, exercise moderately three times a week, and don't be so hard on yourself. Chances are, if you're looking for a drastically fast weight loss it isn't for the right reasons. If you really, genuinely, want a healthy body and healthy mind, you need to commit to it and not hope that drinking lemonade for a week will balance out your pizza every other night.
If you want a change, make it happen. You'll find a little effort towards your health is a lot easier than chopping off a limb.
@kayka12 right?! lol I opened this card so fast ahhaha
"heck far, 10 pounds in one week?" *click*😧 lol!
hahahaha cringe I'm just picturing what people would be like without skin or heads....yuck!!! Let's all just not diet this way :P
smart i like what you did there lol
I figured there would be more tips for cutting weight, because I lost 10 in a week to make weight. lol
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