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Hey there. I'm talking to you. Yeah, you! Hello! I'm glad that you exist. I just wanted to remind you that you're amazing. No, really.

Seriously; you're pretty awesome.

Has anyone told you that? People might be afraid to just say something that forward, but I don't mind. I just wanted to say that you're pretty great. The way you talk, and the way you laugh, and even the way you kind of annoy me when you won't stop talking about something--it's all pretty awesome!
And you know what? You're beautiful, too. Especially when you smile. If people don't tell you that often enough, it's only because they're too dazzled by your looks to let you know. But don't worry, I'm confident enough to tell you: you're a beautiful person.
I know you might sometimes feel like you're the opposite of cool (I know I do) but coolness is just a fad, and everybody is "cool," at sometime. But who really cares about that? The people that love you will always think you're cool. And you know what? I think you're pretty cool.
So don't worry about being you anymore: just do your thing!!! I know I'll keep thinking you're pretty awesome, and I'm pretty sure everyone else will, too.

So, remember, I'm glad you exist. And other people are, too!

So maybe you could tag a friend or share this message with someone else you think is pretty awesome--because who doesn't want to be reminded of that?!! Let's go make someone else's day a little brighter, too.
Awww I think I actually blushed reading this :3
@sophiamor Totally agree!!! @vegantraveler Haha, thanks, I'll try!!
You go @onesmile! Spread those good vibes!
Hey girl heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Sorry for the late reply! This really made my day :) People need to hear stuff like this more often :)
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