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I'm not talking about washing your hair upside down. This revolutionary hair washing method involves cleaning your hair with conditioner before rinsing with shampoo. I was actually hesitant to try reverse hair washing but the result was mind-blowing. If you have thin and flat hair this will save you money on volumizing hair styling products!

Does it really work?

This revolutionary method was tested by Anna Pursglove's one week hair washing experiment. You can refer to the before and after reverse hair washing method photo above. According to Anna, no styling products was use on the second photo. In addition, many people claimed their hair was glossier, fuller-looking and frizz-free after switching to reverse hair washing.


1. Start by conditioning your hair focusing on the ends and move your way up.
2. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes.
3. Shampoo your hair and repeat if necessary.
Note: Remember my previous card about not conditioning your scalp? You can actually omit that rule here. The reason why I said to focus on the ends is to avoid build up and greasy scalp. However, shampooing after conditioning will rinse out all the residue the conditioner might leave. This is also the reason why your hair will feel more clean and fuller looking.
Try this method out and let me know how it goes! Remember to share your experience through commenting!
im a hairstylist... imo if you are going to do this... save your money and stop buying conditioner... your washing it out anyway... smh...
you don't seem to understand how conditioner works... lol
I just tried this an hour ago and it feels weird starting with conditioner but my hair certainly feels and look like I got a blowout. Hopefully when I wake up it'll still be the same.
Best thing someone could have come up with. Lol I tried reverse hair washing once and I've been doing it ever since. My hair feels less weighed down, softer, smoother, & certainly less frizzy.
@BlendaShabani You basically use conditioner before shampoo! But I advise you to leave not rinse the conditioner and apply the shampoo to rinse. That way it won't dry out your hair. Only shampoo the scalp!
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