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It is not easy to look at yourself in the mirror when you're feeling crappy, or when your hair has fallen out, your skin is sagging, and you a filled with chemicals and radiation. But that is exactly what Jennifer Glass did, and she shared that face she saw in the mirror with thousands of people form 2013-2014. When she was diagnosed with stage 5 lung cancer, she wanted to use this not only as a learning opportunity for herself and her family, but for anyone who knows someone going through cancer.
The night I was diagnosed, I was getting ready for bed and taking my makeup off and looking in the mirror and I had this really strong thought: 'What am I going to see in the mirror this year? What is going to happen to my body?' I said to my husband, 'Harlan, I’d like you to take my picture tonight. And I think I want to do this every day. I want to chronicle what happens to me.' And so that’s how it started. I didn’t know what I would do with it. I just had a sense that I wanted a record of it. She is currently heading towards a cancer-free life. She has finished chemo, has her life back on track, and should be worry-free once she reaches a few years of no-remission.
Her blog reached people all over the world that expressed their thanks. Many comments show that people simply don't know what their loved ones are going through physically when it comes to cancer and that everything that Jennifer shared got them one step closer to understanding.
What most moved me about her story was the main lesson she learned from her battle:
"There’s a difference between extending life and prolonging the dying process. I’m doing everything I can to extend my life."
I read up on her story a bit more and the song in the video is actually written and performed by Jessica and her husband!
My mom had breast cancer and I think the most challenging thing for me during the whole process was that I never really knew what she was going through. There was no way for me to understand the physical and mental strain she was under 24/7.
You can really see her mood change in her eyes every day, this was heartbreaking near the middle :(