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My previous Miami Vibes Wedding Venues Collection focused primarily on the ceremony and reception venues. For my Windy City Wedding Venues Collection I wanted to look into venues for other parts of the wedding such as the rehearsal dinner.
Lovely: A Bake Shop is not your run-of-the-mill sweet shop; this place is bursting with character. In fact, the owners, Bob and Gina were the first to exchange their own vows under a tented canopy with dinner inside their trendy Milwaukee Avenue shop. I mention this because they not only lived it, the loved it so much, they want to make your event even better than their own!
I think this place would make for a quirky and fun rehearsal dinner venue. It's comfy, cozy and the BYOB policy has my name written all over it! (Pours another two-finger Scotch...) It reminds me of a rehearsal dinner that I was invited to years ago, which was held at a Parisian cafe in Houston. The warmth and joy that encompass baked sweet goodness is what this dinner should be. Let loose and relax with your close friends and family. Don't forget your out-of-town guests!
Lovely: A Bake Shop can handle 65 seated guests and 100 cocktail guests. Want to tie the knot here too under a canopy? They can do that too. Venue cost and availability varies, so you will have to contact them to get all the details.
Contact: (773) 572-4766
Special thanks to @marshalledgar and @HairConfetti for advice and helping me create better looking Vingle cards! ;)
My mom and I haven't even thought about the Rehearsal Dinner. Not on the radar, but now it is. Thx @nixonwoman <3<3<3
THANKS for the PS!! That is so cool. I am glad to help. This is a great card! ;) @nixonwoman
Don't be stressed, but there are lots of events you'll be going to for wedding season. :)
This one goes out to my girl @daniachicago Let me know what you think. I sent you a few more questions via private message. Lets chat!
Cute idea.