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By now you probably seen several variations of knotted hairstyle - the messy knot, criss cross top knot, curly top knot, and twisted top knot. Here's another addition to those knot collections. This knotted updo by Hair Romance is super simple and elegant. People might even mistaken this as a braided up but it's simply a series of knots. Follow the step-by-step tutorial below to get this look.
1. Brush your hair and get rid of any knots. Then take a large section at the top and split into two. Tie these together in a knot.
2. Add in hair from either side to your original sections and tie into a knot below the first.
3. Repeat it down the back of your head until all your hair combined in a knot.
4. Secure the end with a small hair elastic. Finally roll your ponytail and tuck it under. Use bobby pins to keep it in place.
Styling Tips:
- If you have long hair, instead of tucking you can tie it into a bun.
- To emphasize the shape of your updo, gently stretch the knots.
- If you hair is slipping, spray with dry shampoo or texturizing spray to stye in place.
Tried it yesterday but had to tie it in a bun because my hair was a bit long to tuck it all in .
B E A UTIFUL so trying this today
did this. my hair is very thick and it still looks crazy but I do love this style :)
I was trying to tie the knots but it was difficult for me. Maybe I'm not use to the two-strand knot! :(
I seriously wanna dye my hair red. It makes any hairstyle more gorgeous haha
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