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"You did not expect it to be easy. Did you?" "No. But I had this thought, this fantasy I suppose, that I can make it be as I envisioned it." "I told you you can't will things into being... Do you remember my second lesson for non- dancers?" "Yes. Innovation hurts..." "Do you remember Paul Taylor's first show at the Y center? how almost all the audience left in dismay, and how Louis Horst's review of the show was 4 inches of blank space?" Bat Sheva smiled. "Of course I remember. Horst's review came in response to Paul and one of his dancers just standing on the stage for 4 minutes". "You know that Horst was one of Paul's teachers in Juilliard. Paul liked him quite a bit. He should have been deeply offended, but he wasn't. Instead, he laughed and said that Horst just became officially old fashioned. You see, innovation hurts because when you're doing something that was never done before, you don't know what to expect so you are completely vulnerable. The audience that left dismay, they felt uncomfortable with being vulnerable at the front line. they ran for shelter." "So what is the lesson for me?" "Well the dancers that rabble against you and Jeannette, they do the same. They run for shelter. You see, what you are trying to do, to create the world's first repertoire based modern dance company, it is expected to be a mess..." "No, they are making all the mess!" "Please try understand, bethsee, they are doing that because it is expected. They take shelter in what makes sense to them." "So what am I going to do?" "Ask Jeanette. She knows what to do."
This is an interesting look at innovation. Like, we assume that innovation is always a good thing, but even some of the most evil minds in history were innovative. They were just innovative about things that the world would have, perhaps, been better without.
:) <-- my new sign that I'm still enjoying it!