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So I sold off some stuff I don't use anymore (2 completes), and still have a board and two trucks on sale on eBay. Anyways, with that money I got me a new board. It was supposed to come a week ago, but FedEx lost it during transit, so I had to call them up, contact their rep, now that it's here, I get to show it off now! The deck is a Five Mile Warhorse, set up with Indeesz and Earthwing Floaters. I was afraid of wheelbite, but the 5° dewedge and the bushings took care of that. It has a divey, almost surfy feel to it, despite the restrictive bushings. It's mad fun for Freeride, haven't really done downhill on it, but planning to soon. Last pic is of both my Five Mile boards. Love em both!
@ShelbySmith I really like the Warhorse. I have it setup for low-medium speed, while the Lady Liberty for higher. The pointy nose doesn't really bother me much, it's actually nice to have a slightly functional tail and nose. Concave feels great, overall a great freeride board.
that's badass. I have superballs and they're fun but damn they wear and cone a bit fast
tkps are divey unless you get something like tracker darts with the hidden rake
Which one do u like better?
I love five mile boards im a big fan but that is the one board i dont really like its very pointed in the front kinda weird to me. But i do like the concave really keeps your feet on. Good choice