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i love this Jason Mraz song... and so lucky that Jung Yong Hwa have a version of this.. i like Jason Mraz plus i love Jung Yong Hwa equals LUCKY! *_* English accent is daebakk!
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lilamalek have you seen "Hearthstrings"?
of course I seen this drama ( Heartstrings ) , and I like it too much so I keep see it evry time until this time
jung yong hwa is such a cutee in heartstring... nice voice, and it really turned me on if the guy knows how to play guitar.. (like my hubby) :)
yes he has a great and sweet voice , and he is a great actor too,I wish see him in a new drama soon
yeah plus he's a good actor too...i got a slight addiction with him after i saw Heartstrings.. and yes hopefully to see him in a new drama..