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1. Bold Cat Eye

Looking for a fun look to liven up your eyes? Give your eyes a pop of color with neon eyeliner!
DO IT: To get the bold wing, line the marker along your lash lines, extend the line slightly past the outer corners. Connect the tails to the center of the lash lines, forming a long triangle, and fill in the shape for a flicked look. Layer the color to build the line to your desired thickness.

2. Colored Underline

This liner technique is great if you're looking for a subtle effect without being too flashy.
DO IT: Gently pull your under-eye area to fully expose the waterlines and sketch a gel pencil onto them. Press on a matching powder shadow to prolong wear and prevent fading.

3. Accented Eye

For the adventurous ladies, follow this runway trend and stand out from the crowd.
DO IT: Using a colored eyeliner of your choice create a two-toned wing and add a daring slash of color to the inner corners.
@redridergirl I actually heard good things about Urban Decay. Also, I just searched online for Stila eyeliners and I might pick up a few! There are so many colors to choose from!
I like them all! Especially the 1st and last! I love color!
I'll have to pop over to Target this weekend and hunt it down.
@beywatch I feel like cover girl's blue bloom liquid liner might be close1
@stargaze Yeah! I hope you find some great colors! Thanks!
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