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Madonna performed at the Brit Awards last night for the first time in 20 years, but it wasn't exactly the most welcoming return.
At the very beginning of her performance, she fell down a staircase when the cape she was wearing was tugged by a backup dancer (this was part of the choreo not sabotage!)
The cape was supposed to come off easily for dramatic effect but instead it pulled Madonna along with it. She tumbled all the way down the stairs and took a few painful seconds to recover (Yes, she fell during a song that features the line "watched me stumble".)
Even worse, she dropped her mic and missed singing a few solid seconds of her song.
On the plus side: those who accuse her of lip-syncing have nothing to say now!
Ever the pro, though, she recovered and went on like nothing happened.
Madonna took to Instagram to assure fans that she was all right after the fall. "Thanks for your good wishes! I'm fine!" she wrote.
@DarcyDashwood Boooo it got taken down!! I'll go find a new one - thanks for letting me know!
damn she bounced back though!
@sophiamor the video is no longer working.
I thought this was just another concert, but I read this again and it's the BRIT AWARDS. The HUGE BRIT AWARDS. How embarrassing!!