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Volumize that Wig!
A lot of the wigs I've posted in my Amazing Wigs collection require SERIOUS volume to that wig! And we don't always want to use heavy foam pieces to create that volume, so I thought sharing this tutorial about how to create volume by adding wefts and then increasing the volume with the extra hair could be really helpful.
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Lol this was pretty fun--i didn't know all the different ways of adding wefts! She also made this look kind ofe asy?? Which i somehow think it wouldn't be the first time, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be!
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Kind of off topic, but I hope she won her contest! Her video was well made, funny and still informative.
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Is that an original design of hers or is it a certain character? I didn't catch the characters name @somnia
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Were there a lot of entires for this kind of contest?I like seeing people actually doing the wig styling.
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@timeturnerjones I think she said it was an original character @amog32 Yeah she did well in the contest, I hope! I didn't follow it so I'm not sure how many entries there were or anything.
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