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@aabxo Check these outttt I was blown away by all of these....Randomly looking for the Good Boy artwork and these came up so I had to share. They are Uhhhmazazing! Crazy amount of detail in these. The artists name is Jessica Gy. I put a link to her instagram in case you wanna follow her and check out her other designs. They're incredible.
TOADilly....you should! Then you can post them :) @aabxo
Oh snap. My nails are the perfect length right now (:< I'll try to find time @PassTheSuga
If you do one I'll do one :) @aabxo
I hope I don't disappoint XD @PassTheSuga
Wow! The first is my favorite. I can't even imagine how long those took XD &the portraits! Man! I could probably do a really detailed portrait but in chibi mode lmao Mad props. Totally feel like doing some kpop nails now. I need to find the time ahhhh. Thanks for sharing! @PassTheSuga
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