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Spring is ALMOST here and you know what that means? Picnics and outdoor concerts! My sun hats and fedora has been hiding in the closet for too long. It's about time to bring them out to see the Spring bloom. If you're planning to go on a Spring festival I got the perfect hairstyle for you - the boho braids.

Step 1: Split and Braid

If you have texture to work with skip the dry shampoo. Then split your hair down the middle in half. Choose one side and begin doing a simple 3-strand braid.

Step 2: Continue Braiding

Make sure to start the braid under your ear level. Once you reach a desire length secure the braid with a hair elastic. Then slightly loosen the braid. Repeat the same process to the other side. To keep things more interesting add in a few small braids. Finally loosen the hair around your scalp to give it more volume.

Step 3: Style the Braid

If you're going for a bohemian look add in a few feathers to each braid. Then finish it off with by wrapping the ends with some leather or suede cords.
Take out your hat and rock those shades!
I want that long hair :D
@ValescaZunigaDi It'll grow back!
wow beautiful help me how to hav long thick nd besutiful hairs
Where can I find those feathers?
just cut my hair :(
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