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The verdict is on the Johnson & Johnson lawsuit that I posted about before.

The verdict is in:

"A Philadelphia jury decided the health care giant must pay $2.5 million in damages for failing to warn that its Risperdal antipsychotic could cause gynecomastia, which is abnormal development of breasts in males."

Why is this important? Because it exposes a number of facts about corporate giant J&J:

- J&J hid the risks of gynecomastia from happening in recent years - J&J paid $2.2 billion two years ago to resolve criminal and civil allegations of illegally marketing the drug - J&J failed to disclose data showing the extent to which youngsters may develop gynecomastia - J&J says there are about 1,200 such lawsuits filed in courts around the country
J&J is still arguing that things were properly labeled, and it's not their fault it was being incorrectly marketed, but most of the evidence is against them.
Will J&J finally have to face the lies they've told?

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@amog32 Too bad more will just settle out because J&J will want to cover this up even more as time goes on.
@drwhat Yeah from what I read cases have been being settled for 5-6 years now. Finally made its way into the system.
Mostly I'm just psyched that someone didn't settle out of court!!! The more cases that actually go through the system, the better for the actual practice of Johnson&Johnson being changed.