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Maybe I'm just a jerk, but I can't help but snicker at this story. These parents were worried about their child facing ridicule as she grew up due to the birthmarks on her legs. So they went and got tattoos of the same design as her birthmark so that she wouldn't feel that she was so weird.
I mean, sweet idea in theory yes but.....aren't there better ways to teach your child that she should be proud of who she is regardless of physical appearance? And what will they do if her birthmark fades, as so often happens, or if it gets smaller as she gets older, as some times happens....? I think they should be teaching her to embrace her differences. They have the right sentiment, but I feel it's a bit misguided. In the real world, people aren't going to change themselves to be like you, nor should you want them to.
Looks like someone might need that tattoo removal cream @amog32.....
If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all @Galaticoddysey it's not your body so don't shame people for getting tattoos. Yeah I understand that it's a bit strange but you don't know them and their parenting. they don't want her to feel alone which I commend. And don't say they will be ugly that is exactly what they were trying to help their daughter with. It's beautiful.
@KB101 my assumption is no but hey, I don't know them personally so they may have
I wonder whether they still would have done this if it was on her face?
@Galacticoddysey Wasn't their best idea lol
@drwhat Exactly. That thing looks like it will fade away anyways! Parents will be ugly Hahaha!
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