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For all NG followers out there.. I would like to share some of the unconfirmed spoilers and not attached to either a long or short preview released by KBS. (of course i gave all credits of these recaps from the ever famous KOALAS playground) -- so here it goes.... Spoilers for episode 19: Eun Gi learns from Joon Ha that Jae Hee and lawyer Ahn was responsible for her father’s death and she is determined to seek revenge. On the other hand, Joon Ha finds Maru and tells him what he did not tell Eun Gi, that his father was responsible for her mother’s death. Joon Ha reveals that he is leaving Tae San Group and entrusts Eun Gi to Maru, asking Maru to take good care of Eun Gi. After the meeting Maru asks Eun Gi to meet at the park. After learning the truth about her father’s death from Joon Ha, and hearing that Maru wants to help her take down Jae Hee and lawyer Ahn, Eun Gi decides to trust Maru one more time. She is anticipating the meeting with Maru at the park. Maru, who is holding the envelope containing the evidence, runs into Jae Hee at the park. Han Jae Hee sobs and confesses all her wrongdoing and expresses her regret. She is planning to turn herself in to the police. Eun Gi witnesses Maru embracing a crying Jae Hee and is once again broken hearted by her decision to trust Maru yet again. She decides to let go of Maru once and for all. Lawyer Ahn finds out that Jae Hee is planning to give up Tae San and he sets his plan in motion to have Maru killed. As Maru heads home after parting with Jae Hee, he is stabbed by Jae Shik and collapses. Maru is rushed to the hospital…. Spoilers for episode 20: Maru’s surgery has started. Eun Gi hears from Jae Gil and rushes to the hospital. Jae Hee also rushes to the hospital in tears. Maru’s surgery ends but he’s still in critical condition. The doctor says he can die at any moment. Jae Hee tells Eun Gi that the person Maru really loves is Eun Gi. When Eun Gi hears this, she is dumbstruck and berates herself for being locked in the prison of her memories which caused her to continually misunderstand Maru. Jae Hee learns that lawyer Ahn was behind the attempted murder of Maru and she goes to the police station and turns him in, along with herself for the Chairman’s death. They are both arrested. Maru still has not regained consciousness. Eun Gi sits beside Maru’s bedside everyday waiting for him to awaken. She tells herself that she will be patient, she will never get tired of waiting for him. A few years later, Eun Gi is leading Tae San Group and the company is thriving. But when she goes home at night she just stands in front of the window in a daze. Maru has awakened but Eun Gi is not by his side. Eun Gi is scared of approaching Maru now. Because of her misunderstanding after she regained her memories, causing her to hate a man who loved her deeply, she does not have the courage to walk towards him. Jae Gil finds Eun Gi and asks her to help Maru regain his memory. Eun Gi gets up her courage and walks up to Maru’s house. She hears someone calling “Seo Eun Gi, Seo Eun Gi” and she sees Maru standing in front of the wall calling for her, with her name written on the wall but misspelled. With tears falling down her face, Eun Gi walk towards Maru just like he walked towards her when she had lost her memory. She writes her own name on the wall and Maru turns to her and smiles with tears falling down his face…..
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oh that bad i dont want ma ru to get hurt i want them to live happy right away ma ru surgery why they have to wait for years and why they have to make the super smart ma ru losing his memories ohh....i hope this won‘t happen ...
Mutia15412 hope it's sad? did i just heard that right?
jenny lets look at the brighter side of things!@
@neaa, I guess I need to accept this kind of ending cause no matter how sadden I am thing will not change.
i hope it's sad ending.. :):)
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