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Makeup is an expensive hobby. Investing in a quality foundation, basic blush and eyeshadow palette could average up to $100+. When you spend so much on one product you want to make the most of out of it. You also want to keep it in good shape as if it's new. The biggest flaw for powder make up is the texture began to crumble after a month or so. This is a result from brush pressure and regular use. When that happens every time you open up the container powder starts to fly everywhere and you make a mess. So, how do you prevent that from happening?
There's one solution: A couple drops of alcohol will return your eyeshadow to its original condition.
Follow the simple guide below to save your crushed makeup powder!
Alcohol does the same thing to my soul.
can I use a few drops of vodka??
Cute and practical idea
I tried this with a couple of my face powders and the only problem I ran into is when it dried there was a shiny sheen to the make up. It happened to 2 out of the 3 I did. Then I couldn't use them unless I wanted my face to look shiny. You can just as easily take a clean spoon use the bottom and press the makeup back down 馃槉
My translucent powder is wearing out and I can't wait to try this and make the surface smooth again.
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