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This short(ish) documentary follows what one guy learned while hiking the Colorado Trail, which spans 486 miles and took him about 31 days to complete. Anyone thinking of hiking the CT will be truly inspired after watching this. Great job to him, and congrats for finishing his hike!
I love videos like this that show that A) anyone can enjoy hiking and B) we should all get out there and do it! Realistically, we all think of thru-hikes as these huge 6 month journeys because of movies like Wild and whatever, but it doesn't have to be. You can take a week long thru-hike. Or, a month like this guy. Just step out into the beauty of the moment and see something!
@happyrock Sorry for the late response, but yes indeed I am! Looks just as beautiful as real life, but you can't smell the air in video :D
@yakwithalan Go GO GO !!!!
Colorado might be forever, but I'd still rather make it there sooner rather than later...
@TrevorGoldley You're from CO, right? Check this out!