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Learn to waterproof your hiking boots! I thought of @fallingwater when I saw this video on the survival channel, so I thought I'd share it with you all.

All you need: - hiking boots (ha!) - scotch guard

- Find a well ventilated area - Buy scotch guard! (about $8 a can, can get auto scotch guard) - Open & shake well - Make several light coats rather than one heavy coat! - Will eventually wash off, but it'll take a while.

@yakwithalan Genius :P I've been doing this for years;; really has improved the life of my boots!
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I've wondered for a long time if there are any more natural ways to waterproof than using scotch guard.....I might have to research it. I worry about that stuff washing into the environment.
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@treedweller Hey if you find any let me know! I'd be interested to hear it
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