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Returning Home

by Peter Schreyer
Peter Schreyer spent decades documenting Florida. After years of documenting he returned to his home in Switzerland and began examining the people and places of the village he was born.
Peter is a well established photographer, with his landscape and documentary photography being featured in over 100 solo, juried and invitational exhibitions in museums and talliers across the US and Switzerland.
When he moved form place to place, Peter had to deal with the excitement of new experiences along with the challenges of finding a sense of home and community in this new location. In the same vein, when he returned home after a long period there was a mess of emotions and memories coming out of the woodworks.
At the base level of his work, Peter inspires questions of how modern society shapes and defines the concept of home. Taking images of pastures, buildings, railways, highway overpasses, and road signs in an attempt to understand and adapt to the space he was in.
I really do connect with his sense of displacement after moving. Photography does help me learn the a new location and its people as well. Great body of work and a great concept!
I love how he uses photography as a way to become reacquainted with his hometown. So interesting!