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Masumi Hayashi was an incredible photographer who was senselessly murdered in the hall of her apartment complex in Cleveland. But we aren’t here to talk about her passing, we are here to celebrate and discuss her photographic works.
Masumi is known for incredibly striking panorama style photo collage. She would take many small photographs of a location and put them together like tiles in a mosaic.
If you have ever seen David Hockney’s joiners her work is very similar to his. Her panoramas would involve over one hundred small prints usually with a 360 - 540 degree viewable space.
Her work differs from David Hockney’s though, in that the work isn’t focused on the style in which it is displayed
Her work usually explores spaces that are social uncomfortable, this includes locations like prisons and relocation camps.
@dillonk TOTALLY reminds me of the joiners by Hockney. I blanked on his name but remembered the work. Thanks for reminding me!
That's a tragedy that she died. RIP