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by Celia Perrin Sidarous

Celia Perrin Sidarous is a Montreal based photographer. This is her series named “The Book of Things.” Cedars creates beautiful and sensitive imagery.
Concordia Faculty of Fine Arts gallery director Jake Moore spoke briefly about this series.
"What struck me about this project,” Jake says of Sidarous’ delicately rendered still-lifes of body parts, objects and sites, “was she’s also been developing all these unique taxonomies about how to organize these works, [to engage] with the idea of archiving personal reference points. The photograph clearly lends itself to this idea of the archive, and it’s been so tied to information since its origin.”
Really love the grain in her images, for some reason it works really well. I wonder if she is developing color negatives as it doesn't seem like digital grain (and it would be a little weird to add it in most cases).
For some reason I just really love these photographs. I don't entirely understand the concept but the work itself is just so beautiful!